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ghetto-ass goings-on!
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hella_sketchy is a community in which to discuss ghetto goings-on! Do you have aggravating white trash neighbors who talk to their garden gnomes, or a spooky Howard Hughes type landlord, or abhorrent siblings who manage to get scabies because they bathe so infrequently? Have you ever felt so miserable and frustrated by your surroundings that you wanted to go out and stomp a bum just to make yourself feel better?!
Well, damnit, it's not worth the jail time. Check out this community first, and feel free to post about intolerably trashy shit that makes you itch.

Addendum: We've been getting some posts lately that aren't fitting with the nature of this community lately so I think I'm going to have to make a rule.

No stories about child/animal abuse, physical assault, domestic violence, etc.

You ought to be reporting that kind of fucking shit to the police, not talking about it on LiveJournal. This is a humor based community. Can we keep things light/harmless, please?

This is the kind of stuff we're looking for: "My neighbor is a GM retiree who lives in what has to be one of the first mobile homes ever manufactured. There are the remains of at least seven cars in the yard, and he doesn't even have a septic system. He had a huge bonfire on New Year's and he set off tons of illegal firecrackers. Apparently, he can get away with all of this crap because of the Grandfather Clause - anything built before certain housing codes were created cannot be made to adhere to the codes."

NOT this: "Haha! My neighbor likes to kidnap and assrape small children. I can hear him doing it when I try to sleep at night. Then he takes the spiked belt that his thirteen year old prostitute daughter wears out on the streets and beats the fuck out of his pit bull with it! I called the Humane Society but I got a busy signal!"
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